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UW Images is pleased to officially introduce the new macro lens TRIO .

This lens is a revolution compared to all existing lens systems wet expansion in the market so far. The patented system with two external controls allow the photographer an enormous versatility, flexibility and speed of action even without lifting the eye of the viewer and getting different magnification levels in the shortest time and with maximum optical quality

Made of machined aluminum and anodized equips two lenses +5 and +10 diopters that can be folded independently with four magnification levels are achieved. With the two lenses raised will allow us to use the lens focusing even to infinity without any vignetting to subsequently folded independently lenses and get extensions or +10 +5 diopters or both simultaneously achieving an increase equivalent to 15 diopters.

The new lens  TRIO  Saga Dive is designed for optimal results with macro lenses 100-105mm but can also be used with lenses such as 60mm or even 180mm lenses 150 or

Subjection to the front thanks to a 67mm thread is achieved by getting a perfect ease of use with tapered front finishes in 67mm thread but can be adapted to virtually any brand front thanks to Saga Dive adapter supplied as an accessory

In addition, in Saga Dive we think in those situations where the lens body itself can hamper lighting or approach, so we have incorporated the design of securing some mobility, allowing the photographer to place the lens in the ideal position.

General specifications:

Aluminum body (6082)

Hard anodized coating 40 micron

Thread M-67

Two flat BK7 glass with anti-scratch and anti-reflection coating

Three lenses, with group two elements

Weight: 700g.

Fog sealing process.

Resistant Depth: 100 meters

One lens group and another group of two achromatic lenses



By external levers, with a rotational movement towards the center we can position a lens +5 or +10 and the sum of both, for a +15 lens