Mirrorless Housings

Made entirely with anodized aluminum which is anti-corodal and thermo-coated with depth rate to 330ft/100m. Each housing is compact and ergonomic and provides all controls to release the full potential of the camera thanks to clearly labelled aluminum buttons.  

New release system

New release system of port/lenses allows easy disengage and secure port changes. Ports are available for the major lenses that are used underwater.

Easy camera fitting and large LCD display space

Thanks to top level standards in design, the camera fitting is easy. The back door is entirely detached from the front body to make opening/closing easy without efforts by the user. Thanks to a large space allowed for the LCD display it is possible to clearly see images on the screen, making composing and monitoring shots easy.

M16x1 through-hole

The use of a vacuum system or external monitor is possible through a M16x1 hole in an accessible and comfortable position.