Action Camera Housings

Capture footage and images and all the action underwater with Isotta housings for GoPro Hero Action Cameras

Housing for GoPro 

Made with the same detail and robustness of Isotta DSLR housings, this GoPro housing is a pro photographers tool for underwater endeavours. Suitable for GoPro Hero5 Black to GoPro Hero9 (GoPro Hero 10 coming soon). With double o-rings on every mobile and removable part, ensuring an excellent watertight seal until 200 metres.

Best quality & usability

Only the best materials are used to manufacture our housings such as anodized aluminum which is anti-corodal and thermo-coated. They are easy and fast to use underwater with handles formed to match the human hand, making holding the camera very comfortable even throughout long dives.

Easy controls

All main controls are available from the outside through well placed aluminum buttons and dials allowing full manual mode. Controls are easy to be used even with gloves and are well spaced to avoid unintended use. All buttons have their functionality clearly engraved with symbols identical to camera controls.