About US

About UW Images

UW Images is a specialist distributor and importer of underwater equipment based in Sydney, Australia. Focused on underwater photography equipment and dive gear. Owner and founder Brett Lobwein provides expert advice and guidance for your journey in underwater photography and diving. 

Our services include: 

  • Equipment Sales
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Equipment Servicing
  • Photography Workshops and Education
  • Guided Photography Based Trips in Australia and Overseas
  • Commercial Photography and Videography 
  • Media Engagements
  • Environmental and Conservation Engagements 
  • Design and engineering of specialist equipment

About our Brands

Isotta Housings

Isotta Housings has contributed to create history in underwater photography and with extensive industry experience, continues to build on that legacy to develop the highest quality products to keep worldwide divers and photographers  comfortable and their cameras protected from the elements. Isotta Housings are unique because we design, handcraft, and assembly each part of our gear in-house. Our mission is to be devoted to the craft of well made things. With Isotta by your side, you can confidently embark on your diving adventures.

Kraken Sports

Kraken Sports originally started as a dive torch company. To provide quality dive torches at quality prices, with excellent customer service. As Kraken Sports evolved they realised there was a need for more imaging tools, and photography products. Being photographers ourselves it was easy to see where there was certain needs not being met.


SAGA Dive was born in 2006 with the philosophy of creating and designing products that the underwater photographer needs to facilitate their work and enhance their photographs.

Our products are made with materials that meet the highest quality standards. Our goal is to always be up-to-date in innovation and that is why we adapt to new trends and consumer tastes.

We stand out among other companies in the sector mainly for the manufacture of products tailored to the needs of each photographer and his team, always focusing on providing a close and professional after-sales service.


The idea of a better bag to carry our underwater housings came during a trip to the Mexican island of Isla Mujeres while photographing migrating whale sharks.

A typical day on Isla Mujeres usually looks like you are taking your golf cart to the marina early in the morning before heading out on a boat in the search or whale sharks. If you are lucky your golf cart has a big tray in the bag to hold your wetsuit, mask, fins and of course your housing. It was that moment an idea was born. Instead of holding on to your precious cargo on your lap while riding the golf cart or seeing it bounce around in the back of the cart we needed a better form of transportation for our best friend. ( our underwater housing). 


The Henderson Sport Group is based in Millville, NJ just a few miles from the original Henderson Boatyard where the company was founded. The company brands are distributed worldwide and it remains focused on Style, Performance and Product innovation. UW Images is proud to be bringing Henderson's highly innovative Greenprene wetsuits to the Australian and New Zealand market. 

Anglerfish Creative

ANGLERFISH CREATIVE LIGHTING Ltd. started in 2015 when Mazyar Jalayer design and built an underwater remote strobe trigger for his photography. The trigger allowed him to shoot images taken with the strobe mounted off camera. This lighting setup allowed him to capture images that captivated other underwater photographers. The performance and built quality of the trigger captured the attention of other photographers and he was asked to manufacture more units. Since then the brand has grown to represent unique set of products used by underwater photographers.  

Retra UWT

Retra featuring Flash Pro X and Prime X strobes - Set advanced features like HSS and Low power SL through the App. Get firmware updates, check battery status, trigger count and more. Retra LSD Ultimate Snoot Light Shaping Device: The Light Shaping Device (LSD) or snoot is made for your underwater strobe

Ratio Computers/Dive Systems

Ratio Computers proudly develops and manufactures dependable and leading-edge dive computers for your personal adventures and needs, always taking care of your safety.

Ratio Computers offer you the highest quality technologies available, the best materials and a state of the art engineering.

Leak Sentinel 

The Leak Sentinel vacuum system is designed to ensure that the housing is fully sealed and prevent leaks which can damage the camera.  This is a very useful accessory to give the photographer peace of mind that the camera is protected.

UW Technics

Manufacturers of advanced optoelectronic TTL converter compatible with Isotta, Nauticam, Aquatica, Sea&Sea, Subal, Ikelite underwater housings.