Designed and Developed in USA - bags built for underwater photographers 

The idea of a better bag to carry our underwater housings came during a trip to the Mexican island of Isla Mujeres while photographing migrating whale sharks.

A typical day on Isla Mujeres usually looks like you are taking your golf cart to the marina early in the morning before heading out on a boat in the search or whale sharks. If you are lucky your golf cart has a big tray in the bag to hold your wetsuit, mask, fins and of course your housing. It was that moment an idea was born. Instead of holding on to your precious cargo on your lap while riding the golf cart or seeing it bounce around in the back of the cart we needed a better form of transportation for our best friend. ( our underwater housing)

Here is a list of the initial features that were important to us:

  • durable materials that can handle a salt water environment

  • zippers that are proven to last in salt water 

  • big enough to carry a housing with a jumbo dome port like the Isotta Housings 9" Glass Dome

  • exterior pouches to store sunscreen, sun glasses, hat, hotel keys, bandana, and water bottle 

  • big enough for a completely assembled housing yet small enough to fold into your dive luggage

  • exterior loops or hooks to attach the bag to the boat

  • see through mesh pouches for small items, and accessories.