Orca SD03 Dive Beacon Light

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The OrcaTorch SD03 is a compact and  multifunctional 4-colour dive beacon. It can  emit light in 4 different colours and has 8  lighting modes: for each colour either  constant light or flashing mode. Both colour  and light mode can be chosen by rotating the  body. The SD03 can be used as an  underwater or outdoor signal light, dive  backup light, outdoor regular light, etc. Its  shell is made of plastic which provides good  light penetration. With excellent waterproofness, it will function up to 100m underwater.  There is no doubt that the SD03 is one of the  best choices for diving or outdoor lighting.



* 4 single colours and 8 modes integrated in one light 

* Compatible with 1*AA battery or 1*14500 battery

* Non-slip and comfortable silicone ring

* The tail D-ring can be used more easily with lanyard

* Practical and convenient mode memory function

* Plastic transparent shell with enhanced light guide performance