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Saga Magic Ball Dive is a unique device that can perform stunning and totally different level artistic photographs. Photographed motifs are reflected in a bubble of air and creates spectacular effects on all kinds of images.


Made of Delrin, with 67 metric ring.
The Magic Ball consists of two parts; a part in which the lens is inside a compartment with two panes to maintain the air bubble effect, and the other to adapt to the front a macro lens (or a lens holder).
It has a thread which enables focus and adjust the diameter of the ball.
This product can be used in compact boxes +5 and +10 lenses. In reflex housings 60 mm, +5 and +10 lenses.
The images have an angular effect on the center with a clear, sharp picture and show the same inverted and unfocused in the background.

Technical specifications:

Weight: 230 grams 
Diameter: 73 mm 
Maximum length: 130 mm 
Minimum length: 90 mm


Housings and objectives compatible with lenses SAGA:

SAGA +15

  • Sony RX100 series
  • Canon G7X series
  • Panasonic LX10


SAGA +10

  • Olympus 14-42mm
  • Nikon 60mm Macro
  • Canon 60mm Macro

SAGA + 5

  • Olympus 60mm