KRAKEN Ring Light 3000 RGBW

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Kraken Sports highest performing ring light yet.

The new Kraken 3000 Ring Light V2 features the standard 3 button configuration of our other current Hydra and LTD lights. The light has 67mm threads built in to allow easy threading on/off any standard 67mm threaded port. The ring light is perfect for getting nice, even lighting on small macro subjects for either stills or video. It pairs well with everything from Olympus TG systems up to more advanced DSLR and Mirrorless rigs. It features an 1800 lumen max constant power with the ability to fire 3000 lumen bursts via fiber optic triggering. It also is fully featured in terms of power levels and colors like our Hydra Line.

The three button controls function the the same way as our Hydra lights and you can control each side of the ring light independently.