Isotta Housing Canon EOS R6 Mark II

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Isotta Housing with Canon EOS R6 Mark II - Isotta signature red anodised aluminium with powerful anti-corodal coating, Isotta housings feature all control buttons in anodised aluminium and laser-engraved with the symbols for the camera functions, protecting against fading & wash-off and allowing for all main features of the camera to be used comfortably underwater, even with gloves on. Each housing is tested individually to ensure its quality, perfect functionality and highest precision.

Product details

The features that have distinguished the housings of the line for years, such as the opening with one hand, the double sealing O-rings for greater safety, the use of high quality materials and the craftsmanship made in Italy, are proposed again also in the housing for Canon EOS R6 Mark II. Designed to follow the lines of the machine, it is small and easy to handle, while ensuring optimal control of the camera functions and absolute freedom in the use of accessories.

The photographer is the essence of the picture, working with a tool that reflects their personality and enhances their abilities is essential to obtain a product of true excellence. Feeling comfortable in handling the case is important and the case for Canon EOS R6 Mark II is small, easy to handle and practical. The controls of the case are all reachable from the gripping position and closing with one hand is a fundamental plus in non-optimal situations. The choice of working in live view or using the viewfinder is absolutely personal, for this reason the case is equipped with a large window that offers a view over the entire screen of the camera and a viewfinder designed for maximum comfort, easy to replace. The intense red, the sinuous and captivating lines and the ergonomic handles have always been the signature of Isotta company… it's a matter of style!

Deciding which system to rely on for lighting can be essential for the success of a shot. The housing is fully customizable as to meet the uniqueness of the individual photographer. Using the three M16x1 connections and one M24x1 connection, it is possible to study your optimal configuration by inserting Sincro or S6 bushings, opting for a Trigger system (to be specified when ordering) or simply keeping only the optical fiber connections present as standard. Another no less important factor is certainly the choice of the lens. The different possible combinations between portholes and extension rings allow you to use most of the lenses on the market. Finally, accessories are the fundamental element of a unique and optimal configuration. An M8 hole above the housing and two M6 threaded holes positioned in the lower part allow a wide range of use of accessories. Once you have finished your creation, put your signature on it to having your housing branded with your name or logo!

Safety must be a fixed point in the practice of diving. This is as true for the divers as it is for their equipment.
Nothing is left to chance in the housing for Canon EOS R6. Starting from the selection of high quality materials to finish with the small precautions that make the difference.
There are three stainless steel locking pins on the bottom that penetrate into the anodized anticorodal aluminum body for greater strength and safety.
The double sealing o-ring on each movable and removable part ensures watertight integrity up to 100 meters deep. In addition to these precautions, an alarm system instantly signals a critical increase of humidity inside the case, avoiding rapid or unnoticed infiltrations that could lead to serious damage to the equipment.



• ON/OFF lever of the Canon R6 Mark II;

• Ergonomic camera focusing and shutter lever, easy to use with gloves; 

• Lens release lever;
• Zoom knob with RF lens;
• Zoom knob with EF lens;
• Port safety lever;
• Lens release lever;
• Multi-function button;
• Movie shooting lever;
• Depth-of-field preview button;
• Shutter button lever ;
• Main dial;
• Rating/Voice memo button (RATE);
• MENU button;
• Still photo shooting/movie recording switch;
• Mode dial;
• Quick control dial 2;
• Multicontrol buttons;
• AF point selection button;
• AE lock button;
• Quick control dial 1;
• Magnify/Reduce button;
• Quick control button;
• Playback button;
• Erase button;
• SET button;
• INFO button;


• Housing;

• Front lid;

• Handles;

• ISOTTA standard viewfinder;

• Moisture sensor;

• Fiber optic connections (to use the flash needs an optional trigger);

• Spare o-ring kit;

• Silicone grease 15gr / 0,5 oz;

• 2 years manufacturer warranty (excluding batteries);


• Red color anodized aluminum body;

• Ergonomic side handles, adjustable (via optional accessory);

• Two fiber optic connections standard(to use the flash needs an optional trigger);
• Two M16 holes and one M24 for installation of accessories, e.g. syncro cords, vacuum valves, monitors;

• Back housing completely detachable from the front housing;

• Tray with lock for the easy insertion of the camera;

• Single-hand closing knob for the back of the housing;

• Aluminum buttons and dials with engraved symbols identical to camera controls;

• Wide back display viewfinder glass;

• Double O-Ring seals on all buttons and removable parts;

• Moisture sensor with LED indicator (replaceable battery);

• Removable port 120 mm bayonet;

• Ports security latch to prevent accidental opening;

• Wide, rubber covered feet for solid footing on boat floors or sea floor;

• M8 hole located on upper side of the housing for various accessories such as focus lights;

• Two M6 holes located on housing bottom side for different accessories such as brackets for strobes or tripods;

• Prepared for ISOTTA vacuum (not included);
• External viewfinders can be mounted, INON X-2 compatible;

• Sizes (LxHxP): 291.6x185.3x137.4;

• Depth rated to 100 metres;


• 3357 - Maintenance o-ring set for Canon R6 Mark II housing;

• 1895 - B120 housing front lid;


• Manual trigger;

• Nikonos 5 bulkhead;

• S6 bulkhead;

• Handles extension;
• Vacuum System;