Fibre Optic Flash Ring for DSLR with Wet Lens

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Flash annular fiber optic housings reflex cameras, support includes wet lens.

They can be produced for any type of flash (by order only, allow 2-4 weeks)
construction DELRIN fiber diameter 2mm


The fibre optic ring flash Saga housings reflex cameras, is an accessory concentrating flash light through optical fibre. Its operation is simple: it adapts to the flash head to drive the light through the fibre and carry it ahead of the magnifying glass is ideal for extreme macro photography and professional level. 
The working range is what allows us magnifying glass, approximately: 2.5 and 10cm.
This fibre optic ring flash Saga can be adapted to any frontal provided that it has different diameters (no steps). This is because the fibres can be retracted allowing the lens unscrewed easily. When the fibres move back, the illumination angle is changed. This system not only requires us to use this type of lighting, and it is easy to make the flash media where the fibres are housed and utilise equipment conventionally. 
By providing a circular light, we can compose the image either horizontally or vertically and have a correct illumination in difficult places with a conventional flash we could illuminate (cracks, holes, etc.).