Sam Glenn-Smith

Sam Glenn-Smith

About Sam

Sam is an underwater photographer based on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia who specialises in macro photography and has a particular passion for octopus. Sam is most well-known for his stunning images of Blue Ringed Octopus, some of the most beautiful and misunderstood species in the ocean. 

A self-taught photographer, Sam has continued to push himself and his talents, and has refined a unique and signature style of photography. Currently shooting with an Olympus OMD Em1 Mk2, Sam has a broad range of styles and interests in his image making, but has a particular fondness of double exposure split images. Sam uses these images to convey how close to home many of these incredible species are too many of us how may not even know what lives under the water or piers that we walk along daily.

Sam's Gear


Isotta Housing for Olympus EM1ii. Kraken Hydra 2500 Lights. 

Sam's Work

Sammy Glenn-Smith Blue Ring Octopus








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