Jules Casey

Jules Casey

About Jules

Jules had no idea that her first Freediving session would mark the beginning of an all encompassing passion for exploration and documentation of life underwater.

Immediately mesmerised by the abundance and beauty of Port Phillip Bay Jules was keen to share her fascinating marine life encounters. Instagram seemed the logical place to start and her account OneBreathDiver was born. The account boasts 111k followers; this number grows daily. A passionate marine videographer and photographer for over 5 years, filming countless rare and unique, never before seen encounters. Many videos have gone viral on social media and regularly feature on major broadcasting channels around the world including Yahoo News,  National Geographic,  ABC News and NHK Japan.

Her passion for inspiring others through the magic of life underwater is as important to her as her underwater adventures themselves.

Over time her equipment has evolved, initially just a GoPro,  then a compact camera was added and a simple torch. Now she is experimenting with a mirrorless camera and strobes set-up. Her first year of stills photography has seen her win several prestigious awards. Jules is highly regarded for her unique imagery,  dedication, respect and passion for the underwater world where she spends so much time.

Still dedicated to freediving, but also recently returned to scuba diving, has taken her adventures to another level where she respectfully shares an intimate insight into aquatic life.



Jules' Equipment

Isotta Housing for Olympus EM1ii
Kraken Sports Strobes and Lights

Jules' Work 



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onebreathdiver

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpPJzZi6nxDGk23gE31PEEQ 


  • Seth Warren

    Onebreathdiver is one of my favorite IG accounts. I love Jules’ amazing content and I love to see someone being successful doing something so unique and interesting.
    Thank you!

  • Ingrid Dusselberg

    Thoroughly enjoy your work and love the corresponding information, often I watch a video many times! Thank you 🙏

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