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New Kraken Sport Hydra Video Lights


We have been lucky enough have been testing the latest underwater video lights from Kraken Sports for the last few months. WOW! 

New to the extremely popular Hydra Family are the 4000, 6000 and 8000 range of lights. One of features we love across all these new lights are USB-C charging!!! Never thought I would get so excited about charging, but this is a game changer. The included charger delivers 90watts from a super small package and has 2 x USB-C ports + standard USB port. This allows you to charge up to 2 x Hydra batteries at once, or charge you phone, laptop etc. 

The 3 lights all have RGB LED's to produce an almost endless amount of colours and also UV/Blue lights for floro diving as well. We managed to play around with UV on the Great Barrier Reef in June and it was super fun! 



On the 8000 there is a LCD Screen, which shows all the important information that you need like power level, burn time remaining and modes. The light also features a thread mount on the front to add optional accessories like domes to create a wider beam. 

The 4000 and 6000 have a new 3 button control system which make changes to power and mode really simple. 

All the lights come standard with 2 fibre optic ports that allow for remote control of the light and also the famous "strobe mode" that syncs with your camera's flash (or trigger) to deliver a burst of light. Some underwater photographers have actually replaced their strobe with the Hydra lights when shooting macro. 

Included are: Ball and YS Mounts, spare O-rings and a really convenient case to store it all in. 




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