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Marelux Innovative Underwater Products Ramping Up!!!

Marelux making waves with new underwater products

The new kids on the underwater photography and videography block are really starting to make waves. We are really excited about what they have announced in the last few weeks and months... And trust me they aren't done yet! Here is a little summary of what is coming: 

- Olympus TG6 Housing featuring optional vacuum system

- Sony RX100 Mark 7 Housing 

- Smart MiniBatt, MB1500, specially for underwater housings and other diving equipments, automatically detects different cameras' charging protocol, can be used on various cameras and equipments. charges automatically with 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V.

Gemini Powered Trigger , TMB1850. A flash trigger combined with a smart power bank of 1850mA battery. This product will work on all newly designed housings from Nikon Z8.

- Hydrophone , ok this one our ears are really excited about!!! Just imagine capturing incredible audio with your underwater footage. We hope to having a test unit shortly just in time for WHALE Season!!! We are taking preorders now, see Marelux Innovations on our website for details. 





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