GoPro Hero 10 - heating up the specs

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GoPro Hero 10 - heating up the specs

In case you missed it GoPro recently announced the GoPro Hero 10 and there are some features that have underwater photographers (yes photos) and videographers excited!!! 

The core of the upgrade is the new GP2 Processor. This enables some pretty impressive upgrades to the specs, many will benefit underwater users: 

  • Higher resolution videos - up to 5.3K 
  • Higher resolution photos - 23 megapixels 
  • Higher Frame Per Second for videos - 120fps at 4K!!! This is ideal for underwater videos
  • Better colour reproduction - again will hopefully deliver some good results for underwater
  • Greater light capture - key for underwater
  • Hypersmooth 4.0 - let's see how it goes underwater... on paper should help 

The GoPro Hero 10 body and buttons are all the same as the GoPro Hero 9, so in theory the Isotta Hero 9 Housing should work. We are about to test this all out and will share the results soon! 



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