Marelux MX-A7IV Housing for Sony Alpha 7IV Mirrorless Camera

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NEW MARELUX HOUSING for Sony A7RIV Mirrorless Camera 


Dual locking system

The Dual locking system requires little effort to lock it in place, while making it almost impossible to be unlocked by accident, and it will take only a second to open if needed for a battery change.

Flash trigger (Optional)

The flash trigger can translate the electric signal from the camera into light signal, with an extremely long battery life of 10,000 triggers on only two CR2032 batteries.

Extension ring/Port safely lock

Extension ring/Port can be safely locked in place with the built-in locking system on the housing with one simple click.

Quick release plate

A 50kg force is applied to secure the camera with the design of the quick release plate, while being extremely convenient to operate.

Custom Housing Colour (Optional)


Technical Specifications

Material: Anodised Aluminum Alloy

Dimensions: 334mm (W) x 176mm (H) x 126mm (D)

Weight: 2.82KG

Depth Rating: 100m 

Port Mount: Marelux Series5