Marelux Apollo GN33 Strobe

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MARELUX NEW Apollo GN33 Underwater Strobe

Marelux Apollo GN33 strobe is now available for pre-orders.

With multiple patented designs, including wireless flash signal transmiting system.The estimated delivery date is at the end of August or early September.

Marelux Apollo 33 specs:
1.Support TTL, olympus RC, HSS,
2.With a special designed MTL mode, support continuous flashes.
3.With 2 fisheye wireless signal sensor units. plus one fiber port, sensor coverage 160 °. Wireless trigger supports M, MTL, HSS modes. TTL needs fiber.
4.GN33 (tested on land)
5.Scattering angle 110 ° (under water)
6.Temp 6200k,
7.With dome diffuser,scattering angle 140 °,Temp 5500k
8.Full power recycle time 0.6 second
9.Max diameter 90mm, length of main body 150mm, length including knobs 177mm.
10.Weight on land 960 grams (without battery,with ball mount),1095 grams with 3x18650 batteries.
11.Weight in water 125 grams (including 3x18650 batteries, including ball mount)
12.Battery : 3x18650 lithium batteries. 135 grams total.
13.Water proof battery chamber
14.Full power flash : around 1000 times
15.With 2 aiming light colors, 250 lumen on white,300 lumen on red