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The Kraken Video Lights offer high performance at a lower cost, making them an ideal option for all levels of videographers and photographers. The new Kraken Hydra 5000+ is the latest version, this is simply an updated version of the original Hydra 5000, the only difference is a new LED which provides a CRI of 90, compared to 82 on the original version. Everything else remains the same. The light includes a flood, spot, red and UV beam, making it a truly a universal light.

An optional remote control allows for easy adjustments directly from the handle of your tray.

The Kraken 5000+ is a power regulated video light, which means the light intensity does not decrease during the dive like most "budget" video lights do.

The light head of the Kraken Hydra 5000+ is water resistant, which protects the expensive light elements in case of a flood. While you'll likely have to replace the battery, but the light head will still be functional.


Lumens: 5000 flood 800 spot

CRI: 90

Beam Angle: 110 Degrees Underwater (flood) 15 Degrees Underwater (spot)

Burn Time: 60 minutes @ 100% flood 

Switch: Dual push button on/off intensity adjustment with battery level indicator

Modes: Flood 100%/75%/50%/25% Spot 100%/50%/25%

Depth Rating: 330ft/100m 

Weight: 560g on land 280g underwater (including battery)

Dimensions: 55.2x130mm (2.17"x5.11")