KRAKEN HYDRA 2500 Macro Edition WRU

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The Kraken Video Lights offer high performance at a lower cost, making them an ideal option for all levels of videographers and photographers.

This light has flood, red, and blue beams. You can also combine the red, and the blue beams for a sort of pinkish purple. This can be used for artistic back, or side lighting. It also is remote control ready, all you have to do is purchase the Kraken remote and you can control up to two lights without having to remove your hand from your tray!

There is two reason we call this light the "macro edition". The first being you can sync it to your camera via fiber optic cable. When you do this you have have the light fire in a burst mode. So instead of the constant 2500 lumens, it will burst to 4000 lumens. When shooting macro mode this is enough light to get the shot of your critter with the light instead of using a strobe. The other reason is there is an optional condensing lens you can screw on to the light to condense the beam way down to around 20 degrees. 

We have also made the head water resistant. If you have an accident and flood the light, the head will remain OK. You'll probably have to replace the battery but that is much less expensive than replacing the light. This gives you the benefit of being able to easily switch batteries between dives, but also not having to worry about a flood!

Included in Box: Light, Battery, Charger, YS Mount, Ball Mount, Lanyard, Padded carry case


Lumens: 2500 flood 4000 burst mode

CRI: 80 @ 5500K

Beam Angle: 100 Degrees Underwater

Burn Time: 55 minutes @ 100% flood 

Switch: Dual push button on/off intensity adjustment with battery level indicator

Modes: Flood\Red\Blue\Pink (Each mode also available in Burst)

Depth Rating: 330ft/100m 

Weight: 490g on land 240g underwater (including battery)

Dimensions: 55.2x137mm (2.17"x5.39")

Charge Time: 2 hours from zero