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iX3M [Gps] Easy
As Big as it is Easy.

Air, Nitrox 



Dive Modes:
Settable Mix:
Algorithm adjustment:

Air, Nitrox, Gauge AVG.


Buhlmann ZHL-16B

6 User settable protection levels

Vibration, Acoustic, Visual


Wireless transmitter:
Max Depth:
2.8 inc. 320x240 pixel


Compatible with the new 
Color-Coded Wireless Transmitter

A state of the art Wireless Air Transmitter that flashes green, yellow or red according to your tank's pressure during the whole dive.

You see your tank pressure from your iX3M,
your buddy or your instructor from your CC Transmitter.

Rechargeable with the same USB cable of the iX3M. 


Multi-tank Transmitters 
Monitor up to 2 transmitters at the time 
(Up to 2 for iX3M Easy, up to 3 for iX3M Deep, up to 10 for iX3M Tech+ and iX3M Reb)  

Side Mount Mode 
use multi transmitters with the Side Mount 
(Up to 2 for iX3M Easy, up to 3 for iX3M Deep, up to 10 for iX3M Tech+ and iX3M Reb)

Tank Auto-switch

Seamlessly switch between one Side Mount tank and the other one.

You just need to start breathing from the tank, the iX3M will automatically change the transmitter shown on the RBT / BAR(PSI) screen. 

Side Mount special RBT

The iX3M calculates the RBT
(Remaining bottom time)
considering all the Side Mount tanks
that have the same gas.

IPS Technology 
for an astonishing Wide-Angle view. 

Over 150° angle view for unrivalled clarity in every position of your wrist.

Full Deco table.
Everything is going as planned.

All the information about your deco, always at your fingertips during your tech dive.

Not only the global TTS, but all the deco stops, times and mixes to be used.

Updated in RealTime, 
throughout the whole dive.


Vibration Alarms
The iX3M has alarms only you can feel. 

In addition to the traditional visual and acoustic alarms the iX3M feature 
a very powerful vibration alarm. So powerful you can feel it even with a dry-suit.

Bzzzzzz ... bzzzzzz ... bzzzzzz ...


One cable to rule them all
To recharge the battery and to connect to the PC/Mac.

You can use any USB port to recharge the iX3M, the wall charger of your smartphone or tablet is perfect.



The Best Compass ever seen
3D, 1° of resolution and +/- 1° of accuracy

Tilt compensated up to 85° supported by a complete inertial platform.
With visual and numerical indication of the direction and the reciprocal direction. 



Oxygen analyser for iX3M
The World's first computer with Oxygen Analyser Integration.

Simply plug the accessory (sold separately) to your iX3M and transform it
in a professional Gas Mix Analyser with a real time 
completely automatic Gas analysis.

Using its sensors the iX3M will check the correct calibration and the atmospheric conditions to make a perfect analysis of the Oxygen % inside the tank.

Are you looking for something big and made of iron? 

The iX3M can measure the magnetic field of the Earth and its magnetic alterations caused by ferromagnetic materials like iron.


The iX3M has a true O.S. inside

The updates are free, the new applications are free and the PC interface is always included. 

The USB cable you use to rechearge the iX3M is the same you use to connect to the PC. 
The DiveLogger can be downloaded for free and there are no hidden cost at all.